showcooking TOCcatering
  • Without a doubt this is one of our highlights; live cooking in full view of your guests. It is the star of our show. We take our wood-fired oven to wherever it’s needed and cook fresh produce in holm oak embers. Prawns, lobsters, clams, oysters, razor shells, small cuttlefish, fish and our renowned rice; all from our wood-fired oven.


  • Plus a fabulous selection of meat cuts freshly made to savour with the unrivalled flavour of medium charcoal-grilling.
  • We additionally do presentations and tastings of our wood-fired oven produce cooked in embers. Plus if you’re in the food services business, you can also add our show cooking to your own culinary service or show.


  • Get in touch with us and we’ll put together a special set meal for your event.